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Have you ever wondered what your pet is thinking? When they look at you with questioning eyes does it make you wish they could voice their concerns, their problems, and let you know exactly what it is that bothers them?  Now you can reach into your pet's soul, and discover everything they have ever wanted to tell you.

Yout pet has a soul purpose just like you.  Connect with them on a telepathic level.  Readings cover general and specific information on your special friend.  While your pet has no need for advice on money or career, Laura can give them the voice they have always wanted in communicating with you.  She is a qualified animal communicator and pet psychic, and is willing to offer clarity and accuracy in telling you what your pet's wants and needs are.  This is an opportunity to get the answers you need regarding your special friend!
"Brownie", my rare Havanna Brown Cat who lived till 25 years old.  A being of light, and truly taught me about unconditional love.
Call  313 - 412-7690 
Pet Reading & Animal Communication Reading

                     $60.00 (Approx. 30  Minutes)